South Sudanese Community Project

Link Health and Community (Link HC) have partnered with SouthSud Australia TSA (founded by Peter Aguto, an active South Sudanese community leader) to undertake project activities that support South Sudanese Australian young people connecting with local services and prevent harm from alcohol and other drugs. This project is based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The South Sudanese Australian community is a vibrant yet vulnerable community. After migrating in early 2000’s, the civil war in Sudan in 2013 fractured the community here too and it is still healing.

This project focuses on young people, as they have so much potential to thrive in our community through education and employment, but come across extra barriers such as: discrimination, low trust of the system, the ‘African’ media discourse, trauma, settlement difficulties and cultural adjustment. Community leaders know that South Sudanese Australian young people can also find school difficult due to English literacy, parents unable assist academically, barriers to mainstream homework groups, cultural barriers and discrimination. Alcohol and other drug use is not a core part of African culture and is used here for coping, which can isolate young people, as their families struggle to understand and support them. Long term, this project aims to work with young people and families and together improve the social, health, education and employment outcomes.

Activities to date include:

  • Establishing a project reference group with local leaders and service providers
  • Connecting with 10 young community volunteers and providing training
  • Hosting a community BBQ with activities that was led by the young community volunteers
  • Engaging two bi-cultural workers from the community who will be paid to connect with local families

For more information contact Peter Aguto on 9564 6158 or

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