Speech pathology

Speech Pathologists assist adults to regain and maintain independence at home and in the community. Our Speech Pathologist may help if you are suffering from the following:

  • Difficulties with swallowing foods or liquids, coughing or choking when eating or drinking
  • Muscle weakness of the mouth or face
  • Difficulty understanding and/or expressing language, for example, aphasia and related disorders
  • Word finding problems
  • Difficulties with reading, spelling, written language and calculations
  • Difficulty coordinating speech and breathing
  • Unclear speech
  • Saliva control and dry mouth problems
  • Memory difficulties, for example forgetting appointments, names and messages
  • Dementia
  • Support and education for partners, families, carers and friends of people with communication, swallowing and cognitive impairments
  • Voice problems (quality and volume)
  • Severe communication impairment
  • Augmentative communication aids and devices
  • Stuttering
  • General hearing aid management and strategies for coping with hearing loss

Anyone can use the speech pathology service. We have Speech Pathologists who specialise in both adult and children’s speech therapy.

See our pathologists at

Link Health and Community – Clayton
Clayton Community Centre
Level 1, 9-15 Cooke Street, Clayton


Wednesdays and Thursdays


  • No referral or health care card is required to see the speech pathologist

Individual appointments for adults
Individual appointments for children and young people
Pension/Health Care Card holder/Senior $10 No fee
Low fee $10 No fee
Medium fee $15 $15
Full fee: Standard consultation/ review appointment $45 $45
Full fee: Long consultation/ first appointment $95 $95

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